Administrator: Clocking In/Out a Teacher/Staff

You must be a Timecard Administrator to clock in/out a teacher/staff. 

Clocking in a Teacher/Staff:

Go to 'Setup', 'Teachers', and find the teacher/staff you want to clock in and click on their name.   

Click on the 'Clock in to:'.  The arrow will drop down and you will choose which classroom to clock the teacher/staff in to and click on 'Clock in (teacher/staff's name)'.  

Clocking Out a Teacher:

To clock out a teacher/staff you will go to 'Setup', 'Teachers', click on the teacher/staff's name and click on 'Clock out (teacher/staff's name').

Batch Clock Outs:

There may be a time you want to clock all teachers out (i.e. after a staff meeting).

Go to 'Setup', 'Teachers' in the right corner you will see the button 'Batch Clock Out' click on it and press ok on the pop-up window.

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