Meal Tracking

SchoolVine will automatically track meals served at your school if needed for meal cost reimbursement.

Meal tracking only works when your school is using the clock-ins/check-ins feature since the meals are recorded based on when a student is clocked in and out of your school.

To get started, first go to 'Setup' and on the 'Setup School' page, check 'Meal Tracking' under additional features, then 'Update School':

Next you will need to update the appropriate students who receive free or reduced reimbursement for meals that are served to them. Go to 'Setup' -> 'Students' then click on each student that needs to be updated. Select 'Free' or 'Reduced' for the student, then 'Update Student'. The default setting for all students is 'Paid':

The final step for setting up Meal Tracking is to click on the new 'Meal Tracking' button from the main sidebar navigation:

Then go to 'Meal Times' to setup the time periods that meals are served at your school. Add the appropriate meals and the times in which they are served. There are six different meal times to choose from, 'Breakfast, 'AM Snack', 'Lunch', 'PM Snack', 'Supper', and 'Evening Snack'. Use only the meal times that need to be tracked for your school. Once the meal times are created, then each student who is currently attending (clocked-in) during a meal time, will have that particular meal recorded for them when they are clocked out:

The 'Meal Records' tab will now show the meal record totals for the current month of each student. You may also change the date range for the records shown:

Clicking on a student's name will show the daily records of the meals served for the date range:

Clicking on a date will show the corresponding clock-ins for the meal record. Here the clock-ins can be edited if needed by a timecard administrator, and the corresponding meal records will be updated to reflect the edited clock-in:

Finally, the Meal Tracking 'Summary' tab will show the total meals served of each of the 'Free', 'Reduced', and 'Paid' students, along with the totals for meal reimbursement or meal planning purposes:

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