Uploading and Deleting Documents in SchoolVine

Uploading a Document:

There may be times where you want to upload a document for your student's families to have access to.  You can upload documents in your classroom as well as in each student (and for Administration to the school).  

Navigate to a classroom or student.  With the classroom or student's information you will see the documents tile. By clicking on 'View' you will go to the document page where you can view and upload documents. 

Input the document's name and click 'Select File' find the document you want uploaded and click open.  You will then see your document that has been uploaded.

Deleting a Document:

Go to 'Classrooms' (student or school) and click on the 'View' link.  There you will find all documents have been uploaded.  To delete a document you will simply push on the "X" in the corner of that document and confirm you want to delete the document.  

You can only delete a document you have input.  If there is a document in there you want removed, but you haven't added it, see your administrator and they can delete it for you.

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