Creating Daily Reports

Daily Reports are a great way to communicate with your student's parents.  

If you are a teacher, go to 'Home' and click on the '+Add new' button (administrators will need to navigate to the classroom's page). A drop down will give you options of what you can do add to your daily report.

There are two ways to add information on to the daily report.  You can select all and then change the individual student's information or you can click on each child and add in their information individually.  When done inputting information you will click on the green box at the bottom.  

When adding notes you can do a classroom note to all the students and you can add in individual notes for the students that may need an individual note.  In this you can see there were two children who had individual notes as well as the classroom note.  When doing a classroom note make sure to click on 'Select All' so that each of your students get it or you can click on each student that you want it to go to.

At the end of the day when you are wanting to view your notes and send them out you will go to 'Home' and click on 'View Reports'. 

 You will be able to see the reports you have been working on throughout the day.  You can check each student's report and send individually or you can send all at the same time.

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