SchoolVine Redesign 2020

We have been hard at work the last few months recreating the design of SchoolVine from the ground up! This new design and user experience is modern, easy to use, and more mobile friendly.

All of the SchoolVine features you love are still here, yet improved in many areas so you should feel right at home after just a few minutes. 

To help you see some of the major changes in your day-to-day usage of SchoolVine, here are a few previews:

Overall layout

The main navigation is moved to the left hand column with a few account related menu items under your user avatar on the top right. Everyone has action cards right on the home screen when they login.

Creating posts

Creating new posts is easier than ever.

Selecting multiple students or classrooms is as simple as filtering and selecting checkboxes.

Create your post and add your templates, photos, and videos just like before.

Daily Reports

Adding daily reports is easy and intuitive. We've also eliminated one of the unnecessary screens that often caused confusion with new users.

We hope you are excited about this new SchoolVine design! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions at

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